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Introduction to European Code 95 Course | Theory Online

Introduction to European Code 95 Course | Theory Online

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Open the Doors to Truck Driving Opportunities in Europe
Join this comprehensive "Introduction to European Code 95" course designed for young and experienced truck, bus and van drivers with English language knowledge.
Gain the necessary knowledge to work and live in Europe with ease.
This course contains 44 lessons on 6 main chapters covering:
  1. Introduction to Professional Driving
  2. Advanced Driving Techniques
  3. Vehicle Checks and Maintenance
  4. Safe Loading and Unloading
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Preparation for the Driving Ability Test

This course is easy to understand with average 10 slides in each lesson written in simple English language with relevant pictures, bullet points and numbering for easy understanding. 

By completing this course you will:

  1. Learn advanced techniques and best practices essential for truck drivers operating in diverse European environments.
  2. Become a strong professional who maintains a superior understanding of his profession.
  3. Improve your chances of getting a job in Europe as a Truck Driver
  4. Help you get your new country’s Driving License and Code 95 card faster.
  5. Help you to start your work faster so that you earn full salary faster.

 Please Note: While this “Introduction to European Code 95” course offers in-depth knowledge on essential topics for truck, bus and van drivers looking for a career in Europe, you will still be required to take the Mandatory European Code 95 course in your destination country in Europe. Our course "Introduction to European Code 95" is a preparatory and introductory course that prepares you ahead for the Mandatory European Code 95 course so that you don't take months in preparing for the Mandatory European Code 95 course in Europe. Our course "Introduction to European Code 95" also puts you ahead of your peer competition by teaching you the professional aspects of truck, bus and van driving as a career.

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