Skilled and experienced drivers for your company

Our process ensures that all our drivers are skilled, knowledgeable, medically fit, English-speaking, and experienced.

We are a leading skill development company that trains drivers on European Code 95 driving standards.

We connect highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced drivers to transport companies across Europe to meet their needs.

Our candidates undergo stringent knowledge and skill test on European driving standards, regulations, and protocols.

Our process ensures that all our candidates are knowledgeable, medically fit, English-speaking, and experienced.

  • Reduce Accidents

    Skilled drivers have a better understanding of the road and are less likely to get into accidents.

  • Faster Delivery

    Experienced drivers know the best routes to take and can ensure your goods are delivered on time.

  • Improved Reputation

    Hiring skilled and experienced drivers shows your company is committed to professionalism and safety.

  • Knowledge Test

    All our candidates pass our proprietary "Introduction to European Code 95" course based on the Mandatory European Code 95 driving standards and have to pass our stringent skill and knowledge test that is designed to filter out novice drivers.

  • Education, Language and Experience

    All our candidates are a minimum high school educated and have a minimum 2 years of real world driving experience. They are also proficient in English language.

  • Face-To-Face Interviews

    We conduct face-to-face interviews with all candidates in English language to further assess their qualifications, experience, personality and language competency.

  • Medical and Background Checks

    All our candidates undertake strict medical examinations for eyesight tests and overall medical fitness. They also have to produce Zero Criminal record and Zero Substance Abuse report to be selected.